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  • June 26, 2015

    Pastor Gary G. Dull

    The Faith Baptist Church of Altoona


    The United States Supreme Court Contradicts

    The United States Constitution

    on Same-Sex Marriage 

    Altoona, PA - Earlier today the United States Supreme Court announced by a 5-4 decision that the United States Constitution allows for the right of Same-Sex Marriage in all 50 states of America.  Pastor Gary G. Dull who serves as the Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church of Altoona, PA, the Executive Director and Vice President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network and a member of the board of the American Pastors Network believes the decision by SCOTUS is both unconstitutional and unbiblical.

    According to Dull the decision is unconstitutional because the topic of marriage is not one of the responsibilities of the Federal Government or the United States Supreme Court according to Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution.  Since marriage is not listed as one of the 17 responsibilities of the Federal Government the case of same-sex marriage should have never appeared before the Court.  It did so only because of the lack of respect for and a misinterpretation of  the Law of the Land.  Marriage is a States Rights issue and according to the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution marriage should be dealt with on the States level only.  In addition, the SCOTUS decision violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution which supports the due process of all American citizens.


    Dull believes the decision of the Supreme Court is unbiblical because the Bible defines marriage as being between one man and one woman only and since marriage is God's institution no  human or civil government has the right to re-define that which God has established and which definition has been followed by society for thousands of years.

    Pastor Dull contends that the decision of the majority of the Supremes to legalize same-sex marriage may also become a religious liberty issue in time.  If a pastor or a church refuses to marry couples of the same sex a liberal court may attempt to force the pastor to go against his religious belief and the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights which would violate the separation of church and state component.


    Dull says that because secular and liberal thought is adverse to biblical truth each local church and pastor must be certain to be prepared for any effort to force a same-sex marriage by doing the following:

    ·        Adopt a clear statement of faith regarding human sexuality and marriage

    ·        Clarify that weddings in the church are Christian worship services

    ·        Adopt a policy that clearly restricts the use of ministry facilities to the ministry's religious purposes.

    Pastor Dull contends that the greatest issue being faced today is the reduction of the moral fiber of America.  Because the Bible has been taken away from the public square truth and absolutes have been set aside and many have resorted to doing that which is right in their own eyes apart from the will of God.  Part of the problem is that the Church has failed to be the conscience of the Nation as God intends and consequently a revival back to the expectations of God must begin in the church and then to the rest of  Nation.


    Pastor Dull is encouraging pastors in every church and every denomination to speak the truth about marriage and is asking all  Christian Patriotic American Citizens to vote for Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial Candidates who will vow to repeal and overturn the decision announced by the Supreme Court today. 

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