Deafening Silence 
                  By Dan Celia
    We have a choice. Will we, the Church, choose to stand with Israel?
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        Throwing the Baby Out
         With the Bath Water
              By David Crowe 
    George Barna, Founder of the Barna Group, and currently conducting research for the American Culture and Faith Institute, recently shed light on why America's Evangelical pastors are so silent on the moral and cultural issues that plague our nation. 
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        They Were Right! But, I
         Wish They Weren’t!!!
              By Dave Kistler
    I want to say that some of my good friends were exactly RIGHT when they spoke early
    and courageously about President Barack Hussein Obama! Though I didn't
    see it as clearly, early on, as I do now, I must boldly say, "They were
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    To view a video of what is happening in Belgium
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Pastor Gary G. Dull

Welcome to the homepage of The Faith Baptist Church of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

I am Pastor Gary G. Dull and I would like to introduce our church to you as well as some very important information.  It would be our privilege to answer any questions you have about eternal life, the church, the Bible, or any other spiritual matter. Through application of God's truth you can fully enjoy life now as well as in eternity. We invite you to experience the love of God with the people at Faith Baptist Church.


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